Yates Fraud Consulting Limited (YFCL) is a specialist Communications Fraud and Revenue Risk consultancy company, founded by Colin Yates, a well-known and respected former Head of Fraud Management and Investigations for Vodafone Group (see 'About Us' TAB), with over 30 years' experience in all aspects to telecommunications fraud, risk and security.  This follows an 18 year career in the New Zealand Police.

Colin is well known internationally as an expert in the prevention, detection and investigation of telecom fraud, and specifically for his knowledge of International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF). In addition to his operational involvement in assisting CSP's to reduce their exposure to this fraud, he has provided presentations and Webinars on this subject to audiences around the world and been called on to provide advice and assistance to the ITU, International Police and enforcement agencies, and customers impacted by this fraud.

Colin is often being called upon to perform Fraud and Revenue Risk Reviews (or Health Checks) for small to medium operators (Fixed, VoIP, MNO’s and MVNO’s) who are now a frequent target for fraudsters looking to exploit these Operators limited capabilities to prevent and detect frauds such as IRSF, Wangiri and PBX Fraud. See further details under ‘Fraud Consulting’. 

In partnership with FRSLABS of India (www.frslabs.com) YFCL have developed PRISM, a database of International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) which currently contains over 6 million International Revenue Share (IRS) numbers (as at 06 January 2022). This database has been proven invaluable to CSP's as an early identifier of an IRSF attack and is credited with avoiding fraud losses in the millions of dollars to CSP's and their customers. (See PRISM Tab).

See also the white papers  on the White Papers TAB which clearly explains how IPR Test Numbers are used, and how monitoring this usage is so valuable as an early IRSF detection tool. There is also an interesting test case on the PRISM TAB which clearly identifies the value of PRISM as an early warning IRSF tool. A PRISM Introduction and FAQ document are also available on the 'White Papers' TAB.

Yates Fraud Consulting Limited is a New Zealand registered company (registered 2012).

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